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10 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Reception Venue

10 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Reception Venue

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Congratulations!!!… When and where?

‘When’ and ‘where’ are no doubt some of the first questions any friend and loved one will ask, and no doubt it’s up there on the top of your own list!

Picking the perfect venue can be that first overwhelming big decision, especially as the options are totally endless and the hunt for that perfect spot can be a daunting task. However, by asking a few little questions at the beginning will help to whittle down the options and takes you one step closer to finding the perfect venue:

1. Capacity? Always double check how many guests the venue can cater for? It’s not whether the space can fit your 100 guests without it being a total squeeze (just because it can fit 100 doesn’t always mean it’ll be comfortable), but also if it will be too roomy and spacious that the intimacy of your celebration gets lost, you want that perfect size for your specific guest list.

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2. Are there any other weddings held that day? Some venues, often in resorts, have many different venue options so you’ll want to ask if there’s a chance you may bump into another bride!

3. Are there restrictions with suppliers? Whilst most venues have plenty of recommended suppliers such as decorators and DJ’s, and whilst they wouldn’t be recommended if they didn’t have a great track record, just make sure that you are not restricted. It would be a sham to have your heart set on someone that wasn’t on their list!

4. Are there noise restrictions? Some venues may have certain restrictions on noise, what sort of entertainment you can have, and the ultimate ‘knock off’ time. Make sure it works well within your estimations of the celebrations that evening.

5. What is included? Check the package or the venue hire fee. It’s amazing how much some venues may include, and how much can get missed – does it include items such as your linen, cutlery and glassware, or even those extra items such as basic decorations and lighting? Do they provide staff to set these items out or are you expected to DIY? There are lots of elements to the day to consider so be sure that those basic requirements are all met or thought of in advance.

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6. What is the minimum spend? Budget is always such a key factor, be sure to ask whether there is a certain spend you are required to make, especially when it comes to catering. Many places will have a minimum of 40 guests for buffet, or 30 for a set menu for example. If there is a minimum spend and it works within your budget, you can make the most of it for your guests – offer signature cocktails or a cheese platter for dessert, to push your spend into the minimum requirement.

7. Can you DIY? Some venues will let you take the reigns with décor, others will have restrictions, make sure you know what you’re allowed to do if any, so you can budget accordingly!

8. Hidden costs? Corkage? Cake cutting fee? Supplier meals? Any dietary requirements? Always ask to read the small print first.

9. Amenities? Are there enough bathrooms for your guests? Is there disabled access? Is there air con for those hot summer days, or even outdoor heaters for those slightly cooler nights under the stars?

10. Cost? You may have the picture-perfect venue in mind, but ultimately you’ll have a budget to stick to. Before you get too caught up in the daydream of entering into your ballroom or starlight dinner as Mr and Mrs, make sure you check the price first!

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