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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen | Do's and Dont's

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen | Do's and Dont's

When a close friend or loved one gets engaged, the potential bridal party (mainly the girls, let’s face it!) are some of the first to well up with congratulations and swoon over the plans for the big day!

In harsh reality though, only the truly best of friends (or otherwise only the slightly crazy ones) are willing to embark on the journey and take on the responsibilities that accompany the role of ‘Bridal Party Member’! 

It can be a slightly daunting task when you think about it: What am I supposed to do or say when? What responsibilities do I have? How much do I need to spend? Will I really need to sit and smile in that awful bridesmaid dress with the frills in a shade of pink that makes me look ill? You love this person and want to celebrate their day in full, but we’re all human – so here are some helpful hints to follow that will ensure the experience is an enjoyment and not a trial!

Don’t do it if you’re not completely into it
Nowadays, believe it or not, you can say no. Especially if you think your friend will be better off. We’re all busy people and it can be a big commitment. Be honest from the start, with yourself and your friend about what they hope you can do, and what you hope to bring to the party.

Do tell the odd fib

Don’t like the dress? The Flowers? The Venue?

It’s ok to say a little fib here and there if your friend is in their element – it is their day after all!

Don’t act the wedding planner

Of course you want everything to be perfect for them, but don’t run around telling staff what to do, unless the bride or groom has asked you to of course!

And if you see something going wrong, don’t bring attention to it unless they see it too, and if they do, bring reassurance and optimism opposed to negativity.

Do try to stay sober...for a while!

Best Man, this one is for you in particular! Of course you want to celebrate and raise a toast (or twenty) but it’s also your job to keep the bride and groom on track throughout the day – making sure they don’t forget anything.

Plus, a slurred speech doesn’t quite have the ‘wow’ factor that you were hoping for. Get through the formalities and then you can let your hair down.

Don’t complain

There may be a few suppressed moments of ‘what did I sign up for!?’ or ‘I can’t afford that!’ or ‘Please, god, no more tasks!’ Try and keep on smiling even if deep down you’re fed up!

Do put your game face on

Get dolled up, pour a glass of bubbles and get excited for the day. However keeping in mind that the day is for them, not you! Have a bridal emergency kit on hand and be ready for when he or she needs a tissue, a hair pin, lippy or panadol! You will also need to be on guard and jump in to save the bride or grom from an intoxicated relation! Or to grab a slightly wasted fellow bridesmaid or groomsman a glass of water! Most importantly, keep the day flowing with smiles and laughter, ensuring amazing memories are created for all.

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