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Choosing the right songs for your wedding day

Choosing the right songs for your wedding day

One of the hardest decisions for your wedding day can be your music – what song symbolises your love for each other? What song do you both love the most? What song will be romantic but fun? And what is appropriate to play in front of the older family?

It would be great to walk down the aisle to your favourite dirty hip hop track or maybe head bang your way up to the alter, but that might not go down well with the family, and you might want to remember the day as romantic, rather than funny.

First of all, sit down together and write a list of your favourite songs. Songs that you heard when you first got together, songs that give you fond memories, songs that make you laugh, cry and feel the love!

Then shortlist your songs into categories – walking down the aisle, first dance, dinner and party!

We recommend playing the song that reminds you of each other as you walk down the aisle, the song that really symbolises your love for each other. Something romantic, slow (you want to be able to walk with the beat!) and with emotion. There will be tears!

For your first dance you could go with romantic but remember you will be dancing alone in front of all of your guests, so it should be something that you can both move to. Pick something fun but also a song that symbolises your love and relationship! Make sure you practise your dance before the big day – you don’t want your groom treading on your toes or tripping over your dress! If you practise enough you could pick something more upbeat and fun.

Dinner time – think of what you like to eat to, nothing too fast, as people tend to eat in time with music but nothing too slow, you don’t want your guests going to sleep! You also want it to be music you can socialise to, instrumental music works nicely here. To be honest people won’t be paying too much attention to the songs whilst they are eating so don’t worry about it being “meaningful.”

The party – this is your time to shine! Get all your bangers ready for some fun times. Start off slow – the first dance will set the tone, get everyone in the mood, and then as the night proceeds hit them with the old classics that you and your man love!

I think we all wish we could dance like this wedding party!

The main thing is to have fun, enjoy picking out the tunes – it certainly makes you excited as you picture the ceremony, the speeches and all the dancing!

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