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How to Ensure Your Man Looks Damn Good At Your Wedding

How to Ensure Your Man Looks Damn Good At Your Wedding


1) THE REUSABLE WEDDING SUIT - Many grooms want a suit that’s not only worthy of such a momentous occasion, but can also be reused or dressed down for other occasions like the workplace or evening social events. This way they can maximise the use of their purchase – a worthy investment! Usually these types of wedding suits are not overly flashy, as they need a certain sense of versatility, but still need to be designed in a way that makes the groom really stand out, for example, adding accessories like a pocket handkerchief can add a touch of flair.

For greatest reuse, Montagio recommends a 3 piece wedding suit. The waistcoat adds formality and a point of difference when compared to other guests. And without the waistcoat, you would just see the shirt which can often get wrinkled after a long day taking photos. If reusing the suit for work, you can just wear the jacket and trousers.

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2) THE CASUAL WEDDING SUIT - Contemporary wedding ceremonies are often held at the beach or outdoors in a garden. For these scenic and natural backdrops, grooms will often depart from traditional, formal evening looks and tuxedos, instead opting for a more casual wedding suit in either cotton, linen or a lightweight pure wool fabric.

It is important to remember in these settings that the sun may be directly shining and in the warmer months the mercury may have you hot under the collar – so unstructured jackets and more breathable materials are critical if you want to keep your cool. Colours are usually also lighter complementing the ambience of the outdoors with sands, off-whites, tans and light blues being popular choices.

3) THE STATEMENT WEDDING SUIT - Well the name says it all. The statement suit is for grooms who do not shy away from attention and want to really stand out at their wedding. The sky is really the limit, as with a custom tailored wedding suit almost any imaginable design, option or colour can be considered. Here is where tuxedos characterised by satin trims and discerning combinations of colours will have your guests saying “wow, you don’t see that every day!”

OVERALL - getting your wedding suit tailor made means you are getting something that has been specifically custom designed to complement your wedding’s theme, location, weather and of course the dress. A tailored suit is cut to fit perfectly and help disguise any imperfections to enhance the overall silhouette and look of the groom as much as possible. Montagio have custom tailored wedding suits for literally thousands of happy grooms, their groomsmen, as well as fathers of the bride and groom – they have even tailored suits for pageboys. 

Book in for a personalised styling session and have your uniquely tailored garments ready for fitting within a few short weeks.

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