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Modern Brides Want Modern Cakes With Mary Reid

Modern Brides Want Modern Cakes With Mary Reid

Just like a wedding dress, wedding cake designs change depending on the latest season’s fashions, fabrics, textures and colours. Wedding cake designs also constantly change in terms of size, flavours, decorations and shapes.

Today’s modern brides take their wedding supplier selection very seriously. They search the internet and social media for inspiration, talk to friends and family, look for trends in wedding magazines and seek out wedding expos for their suppliers of choice.

The experienced wedding cake designer is always on trend with what is in, and what is not! They know exactly how to interact with their brides to guide them towards their dream design. 

Some cake decorating trends have a short life cycle, such as the multi-coloured ombre styles, the naked cake, or the cup-cake towers. While other trends remain a timeless favourite and offer a more lasting impact on the bride and their guests. Examples of these inspirational designs include elegance/classic, casual/elegance, textured icing, taller/grander cakes, unique hanging cakes, lacework and vintage cakes.

These featured designs are typical of how modern brides and their decorators worked together to find the most suitable inspiration to create and realise each of these dream wedding cake designs.

Gold hanging cake
Designer: Caitlin Mitchell, A Little Cake Place, Brisbane

Bride’s brief: Indian/Australian couple who wanted to incorporate a bold colour and culture infusion. It was a large wedding and the cake was to make a statement.

Inspiration: There were several levels of inspiration including the colour of bridesmaids dresses, the intricate  lace patterns, deep reds and golds combined to create this unique design.

Three tier navy/gold round cake
Designer: Mary Reid,  Merivale Cakes & Crafts, Toowoomba

Bride’s brief: This bride wanted her cake to make a bold statement as it was to be the centrepiece of the reception.

Inspiration: The hand-painted blue and gold tiers created an amazing bold colour mix. Mary also used innovative tools to create the contemporary ornaments, which made the cake clearly pop!

White hanging cake
Designer: Caitlin Mitchell, A Little Cake Place, Brisbane

Bride’s brief: The designer was granted full design rights, but had to include the hanging effect and reflect details of the bride’s dress.

Inspiration: The designer incorporated lace, netting, sequins, sparkles and crystals to re-create the bride’s wedding dress as a decorated cake.

Four tier round Steam-Punk-Cake
Designer: Mary Reid Merivale Cakes & Crafts, Toowoomba

Bride’s brief: This couple had a themed wedding and all the guests came in fancy dress. They requested a super elegant steam punk cake in the colours that the bridal couple wore – ivory, claret, chocolate brown.

Inspiration: The design was inspired by a combination of textures, colours and apparel (hat, fishnets, tulle, ‘junk’ pieces). The finishing touch was the sugar timber bark base – inspired by the outdoor reception area.

Two tier round neutral cake,
Designer: Mary Reid, Merivale Cakes & Crafts, Toowoomba

Bride’s brief: A modern cake in the same soft pastel colours as the bridal party. Something different yet delicate and elegant.

Inspiration: A range of new fantasy flowers in the soft pastel colours was the primary inspirational element for this unusually structured but elegant design.

Four tier white round cake 

Designer: Caitlin Mitchell A Little Cake Place, Brisbane

Bride’s brief: This bride was very clear with what she wanted: tall, large flowers, some old-world charm, a picture of elegance and a crystal topper. 

Inspiration: The designer brought together a mix of old and new techniques to create this classic masterpiece. Inspiration came from the gentle colour of the roses and peonies, the softness of the crystal topper, and the taller tiers to showcase the fine pipework.

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