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Picking your Wedding Invitations!

Picking your Wedding Invitations!

So he finally popped the question - and you said YES! Congratulations!!! Now it’s time to invite all of your loved ones to the big day… in the most perfect way possible.

You’ve made a date and decided on the venue so now you want to send out the perfect invitation that ties your themes together. There are a few ways you can make the perfect invitation, all dependant on your budget, style and personal artistic talent!

Graphic Designer – There are incredible designers out there who can make the invitation perfect for you, all you have to do is show them your colour scheme, the sort of style you want and voila! The most beautiful invitation is made! Just make sure you are very specific and give your designer lots of tips, colours, pictures for inspiration and ideas. This is the costliest option but if you want it to be perfect we highly recommend a designer.

Online templates – The internet sure is a wonderful thing and you can find virtually anything you want online. Have a search, look for a design that suits you – there are plenty to choose from! You can always use free online invites but they aren’t the best quality, for a small cost grab a template and have a play!

DIY – If you have a little bit of an artistic flair why not do it yourself? Handwritten invitations are gorgeous but they do take a lot of time which you most likely won’t have. Also spelling mistakes are easily made…! You can create your own hand-drawn and written invite and photocopy multiples, leaving space for names and personal messages. Or if you have computer skills have a go at designing your own with InDesign or Photoshop! You could even incorporate hand-drawn with graphic design to really illustrate your personal style. Collages are a cute option, or a photograph of the two of you, it’s your time to get creative!

Store bought – There are plenty of wedding shops around and you can even find invites in stationary stores, these are a little less personal but if you’re too busy with the really important stuff then they are a fantastic option and you can still find really beautiful invites!

Maybe you would like to combine some of the above? You might be a fabulous drawer but hopeless on the computer – so give your drawings to a designer! Or maybe vice-versa? Ask an illustrator for a drawing and then design it into your invite. Perhaps you find a great invite in a store but it’s not quite perfect? Well add your own design, image, writing or photo.

Find something that will symbolise your wedding and have fun!    

All images have been collated from Pinterest

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