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Survival Guide To Men's Wedding Fashion

Survival Guide To Men's Wedding Fashion

Working as a style consultant with InStitchu and helping hundreds of men from all backgrounds, Mayowa has picked up a few handy learnings for gentlemen looking to suit up for their wedding day.

Ladies, pass this article over to your husband-to-be, and men, pay attention! The following advice comes from years of experience.

Mens Wedding Suits

Buy a suit that suits you
For many men, one suit looks much the same as another, but I can’t stress enough that there is no substitute for a suit moulded to fit your exact body type. You may think that it would be easier to alter an off-the-rack suit to match your current body type, but if you’re searching for the perfect fit, then a made-to-measure suit is your only option.

Men being silly

Don’t be afraid to ask
Men hate to ask for directions! But when it comes to how you look on your wedding day, asking for help can cost you a lifetime of your wife groaning at your wedding photos.


Stay classy San Diego
Some men may dream of being all decked out in the latest trending fashion and others may be fully content in a pair of shorts and collared shirt. Having seen men at both ends of this spectrum at the Brisbane InStitchu showroom, I can say that very few are confident enough to rock an alternative style, and most Brisbane men choose to stick to a classic look.

The slim-fitted navy or black two-piece suit will still look as good in twenty years as it does today. These styles are timeless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t design your suit without any personal touches. There are a multitude of accessories and small design features you can tweak, such as a belt, buttons, ties, pocket squares and even the lapel material (style). I had one customer recently who even asked for different buttons sizes on different parts of the jacket. However, the practical man may want to opt for a more minimalistic design that you can still wear at other types of functions, beyond your wedding.

Wedding Day

Be communicative and adaptable 
Quite a number of men I’ve spoken to at the Brisbane showroom have interesting stories about how they were asked (or pressured) by their fiancés to buy and create a made-to-measure suit to fit the theme of the wedding. In contrast, other men walk in with very little clue of what they are looking for. I strongly suggest doing some research online and come with a few visual representations of what you want. Having a clear picture of your desired look will make the suit designing process far easier for all involved.

Even if you have very set views of how your suit should look, also consider the stylist’s advice. It is our job to do everything in our power to make you look good on your big day. Often, people will dismiss the stylist as just an ordinary salesmen, but remember that they have designed hundreds of suits and know what works and what doesn’t. For example, satin lapels with any neck tie is a really bad idea! Many people don’t know to only wear a bow tie with satin lapels and keep it for a formal/black tie occasion. Be prepared to adapt your ideas to match those of someone with professional experience. 

Man in Suit

Be yourself
Finally, don’t think that you have to be anything other than yourself when designing a suit for your wedding. The more comfortable you are, the better the end result will be - you wear the suit, the suit doesn’t wear you! For some the tailoring process can seem a little intimidating or unapproachable, but we get all sorts in through our showroom. Being yourself throughout the process will result in a wedding suit that truly reflects your personal style.

The beauty of a made-to-measure suit is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Relax and have fun with the designing process, and you will come away with a wedding suit that will make even the most stoic of dads shed a quietly proud tear

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