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Talking to your Stylist

Talking to your Stylist

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, the visual impact of your wedding day is probably what you dream about the most. The flowers, the centrepieces, the lighting, the stationary, the list goes on.

So with this in mind, try to be careful that the styling of your wedding doesn’t overshadow the rest of your wedding planning. It can become a whirlwind of decisions, budgets, and let’s face it, a bit of disappointment when you realise that your real wedding may not quite hold a candle to your dreamed Pinterest wedding.

Sitting down and chatting with a professional wedding stylist will be the first helpful step to wading through the endless options and can really shed some light on your priorities, still making your dream a reality.

A professional stylist will not only guide you in the right direction, they will also give you a fantastic range of options and ideas to suit any budget. And being a professional, they know all of the different ways to tie it all together, be it a visual feast – from the menu’s and name cards, to the floral on the cake, from linen on the tables, to the items that are placed on them – asking the pros is the way to go!

Here are just a few of the helpful hints that your wedding stylist may be able to give you… 

It’s all about the lighting – the atmosphere of your event can be dictated so simply with just a little bit of lighting.

It’s cheap and effective and can turn any venue from plain to beautiful with a flick of a switch. Forget about the house lights, opt for overhead fairy lights instead. Want something a little different to draw the eye upwards? Edison Bulbs hanging at mixed heights are the perfect popular option, or a large hanging candelabra for a touch of romance. For your tables, keep it simple with candles – lots and lots of candles!

Once the sun has set, candles have a far greater impact than large floral centrepieces, and you’ll find they don’t break the bank either.

It’s the little things – Simple things like the place settings, and just as importantly, how they are placed, can have a huge visual effect. Asking the venue to ensure that you have all the appropriate cutlery for each course, along with the correct white, red and water glasses placed at each setting makes the table nice and full and yells out ‘taste sensation!’

Combine this with a simple charger plate to enhance your colour scheme or theme, with your napkins folded in an effective way (perhaps with a sprig of herbs or one individual bloom placed on top). It’s cheap, simple and oh-so-effective!

Tying it all together – Rather than going crazy with an elaborate combination of every piece of décor you’ve fallen in love with, just pick one theme or item, and then reflect this in other aspects. For example, if ivy or foliage is your love for a whimsical affair, then why not have a garland table runner and greenery adorning your cake, with your menus, name cards and programs all designed to match.

Or should you want a gold and blush theme, then keep it to just that, opt for gold foiled fonts on your stationary, blush blooms set next to gold candle holders, and a gold cake stand instead of silver – by sticking to one distinct theme you will find that it is more beautiful, less mess, and ultimately less stressful for you!

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