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The Bachelor Party of (your) dreams

The Bachelor Party of (your) dreams

Everyone cringes when they think of their husband-to-be’s bachelorette party; who’s going to pass out, will there be strippers, or un-removable tattoos, will he get tied up, or more importantly will he survive the night? It’s a night most of us are scared of and worry it will end in disaster; we all imagine a version of the Hangover movie.

Well we have a few suggestions for the best man/your future hubby (and for you!) to see that everyone survives the night unharmed and tattoo free.

*We suggest leaving these ideas lying around on a notepad or slipping them into conversation, make him think they were his idea!

Cigars and whiskey at a classy bar: There’s nothing more suave than a man in a suit, sipping on whiskey and smoking cigars. Why not suggest an evening in a bar with big leather couches, a good outside area (for the cigars), topped off with a bottle of fine whiskey.


Adventure day: Maybe you're a man that likes to sail, or surf, or skydive, or maybe all of the above? A day out on the water, or in the bush, is a perfect way for the blokes to do some good bonding and have a laugh. If he isn’t an ‘adventurer,’ or into any action sports maybe it’s the perfect time to try something new!

Weekend away: Hire out a hotel room in a new city, or maybe take an overnight walk, camp in the bush or an island getaway. The possibilities are endless, especially in Australia! And if they surround themselves with new things, they will (hopefully) be distracted from the ‘typical’ bucks night shenanigans.

Whiskey making or beer brewing class: We know they love to drink the stuff but what about making their own? There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something you love, and just imagine that proud grin you’ll get when he passes you an ice cold beer he’s made. It’s a win-win situation.

Cooking class: Maybe your man is a wiz in the kitchen, or maybe he’s not. Either way a cooking class with a professional is a great way to spend an afternoon, plus you’ll get to appreciate his newly learned skills!

Hopefully with a few hints and nudges, his best man will organise one of your more civilized options, but at the end of the day it is his bucks party, and the most important thing is he makes it to the alter on your wedding day!

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