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The Guest List

The Guest List

Writing the guest list can be one of the hardest things to do when planning a wedding. Whether you want a massive party with everyone there, or a casual wedding with only close friends and family, we have a few tips to help you decide!

Your Day: First of all think about the type of wedding you want to have. It’s your day to do whatever you want to do (money allowing) so if you’ve always dreamt all your friends witnessing you say ‘I do’, then think about what things in your budget you can cut down on.  For others, the wedding is all about you and your husband, and it’s something you only want to share with a select special few, so pick carefully!

Budget: The big question – how much do you have to spend? If your budget is huge and you’re willing to spend big on caterers then go crazy! But if you value your dress, photographer, location and décor more, maybe cut back on the number of guests.

Venue: Once you have your day planned, think about the venue – how many people will it hold? You don’t want to overcrowd a space, but you also don’t want it to feel empty. You may even have to rethink your location if your guest list is too big or small.

Family vs friends: Who do you want at your wedding? Your third cousin once removed doesn’t really need to come, just as you don’t have to invite your old friend from school that you talk to once a year. Consider who is most important to you and your fiancé, the immediate family might be at the top of your list but for some of you, your close friends are your family.

Plus-ones: Everyone loves to bring their plus one, so take that into account, how many of your pals have partners that you don’t know and maybe don’t want to come? Always leave extra space for those people who suddenly have a plus one.

So if you thought about inviting everyone you know and having a wild party; consider our suggestions. Similarly if you want a small wedding, make sure not to leave off anyone important! But there is no law as to who has to come to your wedding; you want your day to be perfect so pick your guests carefully!

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