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The Importance of a good MC

The Importance of a good MC

“Ummm… it’s time for the newlyweds… ummm Mr and Mrs…. errrr…..”

Sounds like a bit of a nightmare – right? Don’t let this happen at your wedding! An MC can make or break your big day, so finding the right person for the job is important. Here are a few tips to help!

Know your MC: Your MC should be a close friend, but not too close, your closest friends will be in your bridal party anyway! We recommend finding someone who you both met in your relationship, who knows enough stories about you to paint a picture of your life, but also leave some colours out!

Have fun: The MC is the life of the party and makes sure the whole day and evening is going well, he/she sets the mood, and steers the party! The MC should be funny but not rude, someone who won’t get too drunk but also won’t bore everyone to sleep. A good MC has a loud, clear voice, and is the kind of person who captivates an audience but also knows when to stop talking!

Organisation is key: Make sure your MC is organized and knows the plan for the day; when the speeches are, the first dance, when and where food is served, where the toilets are, the cake cutting, and all the other traditional wedding games or happenings. Your MC should be the guy or gal anyone can ask for help. Connect the MC with the wedding planner, the DJ and the event coordinator – some cool collaborations could happen! A good MC starts the day/evening off with general house-keeping; smoking, toilets, social media etc, and will know who the family are and any other important members attending. They also know when to wrap it all up, or maybe even keep the party rolling! If your MC is well planned not a whole lot can go wrong!

Once you have found the perfect MC let them take charge of the day – but check with what they have planned. Discuss any ideas you have, and theme you are going for. You can reveal some funny stories you don’t mind sharing, but make sure you set ground rules!

Remember the day is all about you and your husband, and a wedding with a good MC is unforgettable, even if there’s a slip-up in the music, someone gets too drunk, the dress rips or it pours with rain – if you have a good MC everyone will be able to shrug it off and have a good time!

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