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The Perfect Gift For Your Groom | with Carissa from Capture The Moment Photography

The Perfect Gift For Your Groom | with Carissa from Capture The Moment Photography

A boudoir photo session is an incredible experience any woman can treat themselves with.

This is one of the most wonderful and empowering experiences you’ll experience as a woman; taking time just for you, to perfectly capture your beauty and femininity in the form of fine art.

Every woman has a unique and captivating beauty to offer, both inside and out. Whether you’re sun-kissed with freckles, are a bit smaller or larger than you want to be, or have an area (or few) that you feel self-conscious about, it doesn’t matter.

Drawing out the gorgeousness in each and every one of you is one of the greatest pleasures a boudoir photographer can have.

Not sure what to wear? Carissa tells us that what you wear on the outside should reflect what’s on your inside, your personality.

Capture The Moment Photography

The most important guideline for choosing what to wear for your session is to pick something you feel confident and comfortable in. You could choose from sexy, sassy lingerie to your fiancées button down shirt and cuff links!

If you’re feeling extra brave, you can opt to wear very little or nothing at all for ‘implied nude’ photos. This means that the photos are taken with complimenting, specific angles where it looks like you are nude, but no actual bits are showing.


The most important thing is that Carissa will capture tasteful, coy and flattering poses. You will feel beautiful and confident.

On the Capture The Moment Photography website you will find all the details regarding Boudoir Photography. Including information about Carissa’s style, a link to the gorgeous ‘Capture The Moment Boudoir Notebook’, the upcoming Boudoir Marathon dates, preparation for your shoot and also information about the ‘Ultimate Pampering Package’!

Pre Bridal Shoot

The Boudoir Marathon dates sell out fast so get in quick! For more information go to:

Capture The Moment Boudoir Photography

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