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The Photographer

The Photographer

You will have spent hours deliberating over the mountain of decisions that come with planning a wedding. The lace trim of the veil, the different blooms displayed in your centrepieces and finding the perfect photographer! One who will not only capture your beautiful day successfully and every exquisite detail involved, but also do your wedding justice. This is certainly one of the most vital decisions you will face.

Not only are your photos the only tangible items you will take away with you from your day, your wedding photographer is also the person who will spend most of the day right next to you and is responsible for ensuring that you have these lasting memories to cherish.

Your photographer will be there to handle the nerves, a camera shy groom, badly lit venues and a mass of uncontrollable relatives, all the while suggesting the most beautiful locations and flattering poses. They are there to capture the moments, without getting in the way and leaving you to enjoy your day – seems like a big ask??? It’s because it is! However the perfect match for you and your hubby-to-be is out there. Here are some helpful guidelines to helping you locate ‘the one’.

Step One – Finding the style - When you begin on this epic search, you will find very quickly that every single photographer is completely unique. Photos are so subjective, and with so many choices of professionals to choose from, you will soon notice those whose images catch your eye and those that you glance over and quickly forget.

When finding the style you like best, be it classical and posed such as a portraiture, or ‘fly on the wall’ styled images that seem to capture the moments as they naturally happen, or bold and edgy with unconventional and tilted angles, or different and unexpected points of focus, you will notice that your eyes are drawn to a certain style and ‘voila’, you’ve just narrowed down the choices!

Step Two – It’s homework time - Do your research!!!
When you’ve narrowed down your list of potentials, jump online and start stalking! This is where you will want to read outstanding reviews and feedback from previous couples and also the response from the photographer to show they are engaged. You will want to check their social media and blogs as well as their websites, as websites will show their selected best work, but not their most up to date.

If they update their Facebook page you will see that they are snapping away regularly and get a well informed idea of their work on a week-to-week basis.

Step Three - Meet Them - Set up a time to chat with a preferred photographer, or preferably meet them if possible. At this stage you know you like their photos, but please do not underestimate the importance of also liking him or her. Remember this person will be with you for most of the day, and if you’re not that confident in front of a camera, they will be the one to bring you out of your shell. Be picky and make sure you mesh!

Step Four – Sociability - Once you know that you yourselves mesh with your photographer, work out their strengths in social situations as well. Unlike other forms of art, which can be quite singular, photography is definitely a social sport. They are not only your shadow for the day, but your loved ones as well - you want a photographer who can direct and organise, but not offend or be bossy. They need to be calm but assertive and most of all entertaining and good fun for your guests.

Step Five – The dreaded questions! ‘How Much?

We can’t lie, good photography does come at a cost, but bad photography is a complete waste of money. Prepare yourself to allocate a generous amount to your photography budget, as the more skilled and experienced the photographer, the more you should expect to pay. Ultimately at the end of the day, your photos will remain priceless to you.

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