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The Ring - What Does it Mean?

The Ring - What Does it Mean?

Nowadays, we just accept it, and expect it! The engagement ring has become a long-standing tradition when popping that big question and a huge emphasis gets placed on its importance. These beautiful gifts are chosen and given with full love and integrity and symbolise not only a promise but also the depth of your feelings. 

However, often we get caught up in the size of the diamond, or the cost, and actually forget why this little bit of tradition is expected of your special someone in the first place!

The famous wedding band has been around for centuries, the engagement ring’s origins however, are a little iffy.

Traditionally, the engagement ring that is given at the time of the marriage proposal indicates that a woman is ‘taken’, or back in those olden days it would signify ‘ownership’. Well, thank goodness those days are over!

The ring now symbolises commitment from both partners and is a declaration to everyone who sees it. Similarly, back in those days (and still to a certain extent today), the larger the ring meant the larger the man’s wealth which would have been the most desirable thing for the woman’s family.

The symbolic meaning of the engagement ring (and wedding ring that follows) is now far more romantic compared to the historical meaning (phew!).

The shape of the circle symbolises ‘never-ending love’ and eternity. The idea being, as a circle has no end, neither does the love, and neither will the person’s commitment. There is also the suggestion that the hole through the circle represents a doorway leading to the future.

‘Girl’s best friend’, the dreamy diamond, has certainly become the expected rock for the engagement ring, although this tradition is all thanks to our friends over at De Vere and Tiffany’s. Diamonds, suggesting something rare and beautiful, have been the perfect choice to represent the person you love – also rare, being ‘the one’ for you, and of course beautiful.

We are however starting to see trends creep up for alternative and coloured stones, making it personal and unique to the person wearing it. Make yours unique, it’s not always about the price, but the quality and individuality that counts. Have fun shopping!

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