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Top 10 Wedding Movie Scenes

Top 10 Wedding Movie Scenes

So you’ve been busy planning your wedding but you’ve hit a slump, you’re tired, you’re getting grumpy, you desperately need a break but you just can’t stop planning…

Stop everything, grab a cup of tea and sit down and watch these 10 must see wedding scenes. They’re entertaining, they’re funny and they’re heartwarming, but most importantly you can switch off you’re planning brain but maybe get a little bit of inspiration!

The Godfather

We have to start with the most famous, the 1972 classic. The Godfather is known for many things, but Connie’s wedding is unforgettable. An elaborate and exciting wedding, viewers are entranced by the whole affair, including her dress, the music, the large family and the underlying tension. Maybe not a wedding to strive for but definitely good entertainment!

Father of the Bride

This 1991 film starring the hilarious Steve Martin, will make you laugh, cry and just have all the good feels. Steve Martin leads the film in his usual silly style but the wedding scene is a beautiful portrayal and reflection of what it’s like to be the parent of someone who’s getting married. You’ll definitely want to call your parents after this one!

Monsoon Wedding

If you want to completely distract yourself from flower arrangements, wedding dresses and bridesmaids watch this beautiful film from 2001 depicting a traditional Punjabi wedding in Delhi. This colourful, exuberant, and wonderful film follows the four days before the wedding (and the day of course) for a couple in an arranged marriage. It’s something different; maybe you’ll even ditch the traditional white dress?

Sex and the City

There’s no better way to while away the time than with Carrie and Big and all their dramas. It’s the wedding none of us want (apart from Carrie’s incredible outfit) but it’s one of our favourite wedding scenes, for entertainment and inspiration. I mean the fashion, come on!!!

Love, Actually

This hilarious feel good movie has so many good things, but the wedding scene is definitely a must see. A giant band surprising a wedding - it’s what we all dream of and want to happen (don’t like our chances) but it makes for a great moment of dreaming big.

Wedding Crashers

Two guests you definitely don’t want at your wedding: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, two bad-boys that crash weddings to pick up women! But when one of them ties the knot and the other manages to crash it, we are filled with all kinds of adorable love. The 2005 film is funny, cute, and a real feel good film in the end.

The Graduate

Some people say this scene is the best, or the worst wedding scene imaginable. It’s definitely not the wedding you want (unless you are marrying the wrong man) but this 1967 classic is full of drama, great wedding fashion, and an ending that keeps you guessing. Even if you only watch one scene in the movie – it’s actually the final scene – make sure it’s this one!

Runaway Bride

The name gives it away, Julia Roberts plays Maggie who has run from the altar many a time, but in this gorgeous film she finally marries the handsome Richard Gere in a dream country wedding. Not only are they the dream team but the whole 1999 film is romantic and beautiful, and Julia Robert’s dress is just glorious!!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Wow, this wedding is just so divine! We thought we’d throw in a wedding for all of us to swoon over. It’s one for the younger ones but it’s well worth the perve, great for inspiration, and Bella (Kirsten Stewart) looks incredible! This wedding scene is so popular apparently an English couple re-enacted the whole thing at their wedding! (You can too – we won’t tell!


It’s the wedding we always dreamed of as little girls, the giant dress, the sparkles, the music, the dashing groom - everything just perfect. Cinderella looks amazing, Prince Charming is, well, Prince Charming, and everything is glorious. Be sure to watch this classic and relive your childhood dreams, your day will feel as good as this!

We’d love to hear what your favourite wedding scenes are – there are sooo many to choose from!

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