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Top Tips For Holding Your Ceremony In a Local Park or Garden In The Whitsundays

Top Tips For Holding Your Ceremony In a Local Park or Garden In The Whitsundays

The Whitsundays are a wedding mecca, drawing couples from all over Australia and the world with the stunning natural backdrop of the Coral Sea and 74 islands.

While there are many excellent wedding venues to hold your ceremony, some couples opt for the relaxed ambience of an outdoor service in a foreshore garden or shady park.

Getting married on public land brings its own special considerations and this is where a wedding planner or coordinator can be worth their weight in gold. They sort out all the details while you relax and enjoy your special day with family and friends.

1. Use the landscape around you

The Whitsundays are blessed with stunning natural beauty and there are many places to tie the knot, from lush tropical parks and gardens, to waterfalls and foreshores. Make the most of this natural setting when you set up the wedding and make the most of your photo opportunities by choosing the best location or backdrop that you’d like in your photos.


2. Consider the time of day 
When marrying amongst nature you also have to take into consideration the timing of the ceremony. The middle of the day might be too hot for some, you might want to consider exchanging your vows early in the morning or late in the afternoon, possibly seguing seamlessly into sunset drinks! 

3. Think about your guests

Guests’ needs are important, so when marrying outdoors you need to consider a few specific points, like is the location far from guests’ accommodation and will they be asked to walk to the ceremony in high summer? Is parking available or will transport be needed? If so, who will organise this? Will there be adequate shade and will water be provided? How close are the nearest amenities?

4. Comply with permit requirements

A permit is required to marry on council-owned land and while a couple can organise their own permit, it is a very lengthy form that needs to be witnessed by a JP. It also requires sighting of all supplier public liability insurances, as well as your own public liability insurance of $20M.

Couples can take out their own single-day public liability coverage, or alternatively, engage a wedding planner, who will have the sufficient public liability through their business to cover the event, so the bride and groom do not have to take out any additional coverage. A coordinator can also liaise with council on the wedding date to ensure there is  no double booking, the area is not scheduled for gardening work and the sprinklers don’t come on during the service!

5. Be prepared for unexpected guests and onlookers!

Your wedding planner will do their very best to keep onlookers at bay but it is a real possibility that you will have other people watching on. Everyone loves a wedding and people enjoy seeing couples proclaiming their love for one another. The best thing is to have a sense of humour and laugh it off, if you can’t do that, you might want to consider one of the wedding venues that offer the Whitsundays stunning natural environment in a private, controlled setting.

6. Have a back-up in case of wet weather

This was the number one tip from all our coordinators and planners, as even the normally stunning Whitsundays can have the odd showery day (we call it liquid sunshine). A spot of rain doesn’t mean you have to abandon the whole idea, it just means you need to think about an alternative venue if the weather does play up.

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