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Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Although weddings place an emphasis on traditions and everyone expects and looks forward to that elegant white dress; the ‘first look’; cake cutting; first dance and typical Best Man speech, incorporating the latest trends and ‘embracing the new’ certainly gives the whole affair an exciting twist.

Whilst traditions will remain, couples are also looking for new ways to mix up their wedding and spinning the new into the old to give their guests one epic celebration!

Here’s a sneak peek into what you may expect to see gracing the wedding world at the moment...

A return to colour – Neutrals and pastels are making way for the bright and the bold. Expect to see classic and simple shades of grey hues, nude or soft silver and golds, with bright pops of colour bursting here and there.

Greenery – The trendiest ‘colour’ of 2017 is without a doubt, ‘greenery’! Expect foliage adorning everything, from your tables, to your napkin décor, to the bridal backdrop – a return to nature and bringing the outside in, is more popular than the traditional ballroom this year. Classic, simple and surprisingly cheap, greenery gives an undone and un-polished, yet completely elegant and beautiful, look.

A mix of textures - We are seeing more and more styling touches and wedding attire giving depth, making everything that little more interesting. Elegant neutral tones can be set with a mix of metallic shines, bold sequin statements, soft velvet trims and traditional lace.

Informalities – Whilst the sit down dinner will always have its place at weddings, couples are opting now to make the move to informal settings where guests are not restricted to just their own tables. Think lounges and chill out areas around the dance floor, bar stools or bean bags and cushions.

Yum and Fun – It’s all about a never-ending feast! Expect to see the standard two course dinner replaced or added to the multi-course meals with food trucks, roving oyster shucking, grazing platters of cheese and antipasto, canapes galore and scrumptious dessert stations of cupcakes and doughnuts or fully-serviced sundaes.

If a seated dinner is still the dream, then consider a banquet menu and enjoy the dinner ‘family style’. Food has become part of the entertainment and has made the move towards an interactive experience for your guests.

Unique Entertainment – Give your guests a day they won’t forget! Think outside the box, instead of a normal DJ why not hand out the headphones for a silent disco! Or an acoustic performer during cocktail hour, or a classical pianist for a touch of elegance. It doesn’t just have to be the sound either, go visual with fire-twirling or a dance group.

Breaking the Ice – If you’re looking for a way to engage your guests and give them something different, then include a few activities. The Photo Booth is a sure winner and definitely here to stay. You could also add in some lawn games for before dinner, or hire a mixologist to make unforgettable cocktail experience. Feel free to get creative and have fun!

Beautiful Blooms – Whilst bouquets are getting bigger and bolder and echoing the story-book romance with cascading foliage for a whimsical look, another popular choice is the simple and effective look of a small handful of long stemmed blooms, also giving that unpolished and fairy tale feel, with a modern and contemporary twist.

It’s all about the vertical – 2017 will continue the trend of hanging installations and bringing the eyes upwards.

Think ivy wound through candelabras, low-hanging festoon or Edison bulbs, floral hoops and displays – styling doesn’t need to end with the table centerpiece, make the most of your space and think outside the box. Have fun with it!

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